Why should pregnant women sleep on their left side?

Why should pregnant women sleep on their left side?

Women are told to sleep on their left side during pregnancy because it may help preserve blood flow to their growing fetus. Here’s something to expect when you’re expecting: hearing the phrase “Sleep while you can” repeated by every person you meet for 40 weeks.

When do you have to start sleeping on left side? Yes, it is. Doctors and sleep experts recommend left-side sleeping for pregnant women especially from week 28 onwards. But what if you’re a dedicated back sleeper or tummy sleeper who feels more comfortable sticking to your regular position? LiveScience.com says lying down on the left side has got little to do with the expectant mother’s comfort. It is more about getting enough oxygen supply to the growing fetus and maintaining optimum blood pressure for the mother.

Can sleeping on the left side hurt the baby? Sleeping on the left side may put a strain on internal organs , but it also helps reduce acid reflux. Pregnant women are often told to sleep on their left to ensure optimal flow of blood to the baby. Doctors also often recommend sleeping on an incline so gravity can do its magic, keeping the stomach’s contents in the stomach, where they belong.

When pregnant what side are you supposed to sleep on?


  • Left side. Sleeping on your left side is often referred to as the “ideal” scenario during pregnancy.
  • Right. So, if left is ideal – should you avoid the right side? Not necessarily.
  • A note about baby’s sex. By the way, you may have heard that what side you sleep on indicates the sex of your baby.

Should pregnant women sleep on their left? Therefore, pregnant women should practice to sleep on left side since the beginning of pregnancy. Sleeping in the same position during the whole night will not be comfortable, so need to change the position from this side to the other, but more left side lying is still the best way to have good health for both mother and baby. Sleeping on left side helps increase blood flow and nutrients coming to the placenta and fetus.

Is it safe to sleep on the left side?

Is it safe to sleep on the left side? Sleeping mostly on the left would then move your stomach acid to the stomach pit, rather than pushing it to the esophagus. Sleeping on the right-hand side will trigger this problem. Hence it is safest to sleep on your left side after consuming a spicy meal to avoid heartburn or acidity. 2. Relief from snoring:

Which is the best side of the body to sleep on? According to Ayurveda, the best sleep position is on the left side! The left side of the body is completely different than the right side. While I know it may sound strange, there is both time-tested wisdom and exciting new science that emphasizes the left side for rest, sleep, and very real health and longevity benefits.

Which is better to sleep on left side or right side during pregnancy? You might also be surprised to hear that sleeping on your left side is superior to sleeping on the right during pregnancy. If you lie on your side, you’ll put undue pressure on organs like your liver. However, lying on the left side improves circulation and blood flow, allowing vital nutrients to reach the placenta.

What happens if you sleep on your side all night? Jaw discomfort. If you have a tight jaw, putting pressure on it while you sleep on your side can leave it sore in the morning. Many of us actually already favor side sleeping. A 2017 study deduced we spend more than half of our time in bed in a side or fetal position. If you’re a side sleeper, you likely do a little flip-flopping during the night.