What does the name kira mean?

A user from United Kingdom says the name Kira is of Hebrew origin and means “Light”. According to a user from Maryland, U.S., the name Kira is of Celtic origin and means “Beam of light”. A submission from Saint Lucia says the name Kira means “Kind” and is of English origin.

Does Kira really mean killer? Kira is the name assigned to Light Yagami by the public, when criminals mysteriously began diying due to heart-attacks. Kira is a Japanese Romanization of the English word ‘Killer’.

What is the meaning of the name Kyra or Kira? Kyra is a form of Kira. Kira is a Russian short form of the Greek names Kyrilla and Kyrana. Kyra means “to the lord” and “female ruler”. Kyra is beautiful, and we know a lot of other names like this…

What does the name Kiriya mean? Kiriya means just performance but not kammic force is left due to that performance.

What is the definition of Kira? The name Kira is of Greek origin. The meaning of Kira is “lady”. It is also of Russian origin, where its meaning is “like the sun”.