How to turn an outie into an innie without surgery?

You can turn your outie belly button to an innie belly button by closing your separated muscles (called a diastasis recti) with the research and evidenced based Tupler Technique® Program.

Can a outie belly button be turned into an innie? A relatively new procedure can turn that outie into an innie in minutes, just in time for bathing suit season. Shenade Charles told Ivanhoe, “I think we all have just that little thing that we’re quite self-conscious about.” For 21-year old Shenade, it’s her outie belly button.

What kind of surgery do you do for an outie? Belly button surgery, or umbilicoplasty, is a procedure in which those that were born with excessive skin in their belly button (an outie) have the excess skin removed. This procedure can also be performed to fix hernias and put the skin in and around the belly button in the proper place.

Do you need surgery for an outie belly button? An outie belly button is a cosmetic issue and doesn’t require surgery. Granulomas need to be treated to avoid infection. Hernias usually disappear on their own and those that don’t can be treated with a simple surgical procedure after the age of 4 or 5.

How many people have an outie belly button? The majority of people have “innies,” the very scientific term for belly buttons that dip inward. Protruding “outies” can be found on approximately 10 percent of the population. They’re about as common as left-handedness. How much does it cost to fix an outie belly button?

What does it mean to have a “innie” belly button?

What does it mean to have a “innie” belly button? The belly button is a scar on your belly that denote the purpose of connection of the umbilical cord when you were in your mother’s womb, reminiscent of your time as a ‘baby’. “Innie” is the local term used for the belly button, as it is generally internal.

How can my outie be changed into an innie?

How to Make an Outie Belly Button an Innie

  • Consult with a healthcare professional regarding your outie belly button.
  • Prepare for the procedure per your doctor’s orders.
  • Relax as the surgeon creates your new belly button, sculpting the former outie belly button into a sleek new innie.

What week did your innie become an outie? But sometimes a growing baby in the uterus can put so much pressure on a woman’s abdominal wall that her normally “innie” belly button becomes an “outie.” It typically happens in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, most commonly around 26 weeks.

How to get rid of an outie belly button? Resisting the urge to scratch or pick at your infected belly button Changing and washing your bedsheets and clothing regularly to prevent reinfection Avoiding sharing towels with other people Wearing loose, comfortable clothing to help keep your belly button cool and dry Cleansing your belly button daily with a saltwater solution