How to fix pigeon toed baby?

How to fix pigeon toed baby?

Stretching, casting, and physical therapy are all options. This will vary depending on your child. Something else to consider are pigeon toes braces. This solution address the cause of the intoeing and potentially helps your little one avoid surgery.

How do you treat pigeon toes? Regular use of corrective shoes, splints or cast should be encouraged. Ballet, which is a dance form, has been used to improve the symptoms of pigeon toe. Do not allow your child to sleep on his or her tummy with feet curved under the stomach, in the position similar to which the baby sleeps in the womb.

Can pigeon toed be corrected? Severe cases of pigeon toe can be considered a form of clubfoot, but in most cases the patient outgrows the condition before reaching adulthood. In other cases, spinal manipulation in the lumbar region (the lower part of spine) is used to correct the problem, while severe cases require surgical repair.

What causes pigeon toed walking? Pigeon-toed walking, also known as intoeing, is usually a childhood condition, and most cases are simply grown out of. The condition is often caused by the twisting of certain bones in the lower body.

Is your child pigeon-toed? If you notice that your child’s feet turn inward -usually it becomes apparent once they start walking-this means they’re pigeon-toed . It’s normally a trait that runs in families, so you or another relative may have also been pigeon-toed as a child.