How tall is the average 18 year old female?

The average 17-, 18- and 19-year-old girl was 64.2 inches, or just over 5 feet 4 inches. CDC estimated the average height of girls at every age from 2 to 19, but its only multiage-group estimates are the average height changes among 6- to 11-year-olds and 12- to 17-year-olds.

What is the average height and weight of a 18 month old girl? According to the World Health Organization, average weight of an 18-month-old is 23.4 pounds for girls and 24.1 pounds for boys. Average height of an 18-month-old is 31.8 inches for girls and 32.4 inches for boys. Parents tend to wonder, What should my 18-month-old be doing?

How tall is the average 12 year old girl? The average height of a 12 year old boy is 148.3 cm (4 ft 10), while for a 12 year old girl it is 150.0 cm (4ft 11). The reason girls are slightly taller at this age is because, on average, they go through puberty earlier than boys.

How tall will my child be? Figure out how tall your child is or was when she was two years old. Multiply that height by two. The result is her predicted height. For example, if your daughter is 34 inches tall when she is 2 years old, it is possible for her to be 68 inches (5 feet 8 inches) tall as an adult.

What is the normal weight for a 9 – year – old girl? Using the 50th percentile data as “average,” the average weight for a 9-year-old boy is 63 pounds and the average weight for a 9-year-old girl is 64 pounds, according to the CDC. The WHO charts show the average weight for both boys and girls at 9 years old to be 61.7 pounds.

What is the normal weight for a 18 year old girl?

What is the normal weight for a 18 year old girl? Normal Weight Ranges for 18-Year-Olds. For those under 20, a normal weight is anything between the 5th and 95th percentile on the weight-for-age charts used by doctors. According to these charts, an 18-year-old boy is at a normal weight if he weighs between 117 and 207 pounds, and a girl should weigh between 100 and 181 pounds.

What is the average height and weight for a teenage girl? Teen girls’ average height and weight are based off the following age ranges: Ages 12-13 years old are 60-63 inches and weigh 95-105lbs. 14-15 year olds are 63-64 inches, weighing 105-115lbs. Teen girls between 16-17 are an average 64 inches and weigh between 115-120lbs.

How much should I weigh for my height and age? According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the average weight, height, and waist measurement for American adults age 20 years and older is: Women . Average weight: 170.5 pounds; Average height: 5 feet, 3.6 inches tall; Average waist measurement: 38.7 inches ; Men. Average weight: 197.8 pounds; Average height: 5 feet, 9 inches tall

What is the average weight of a 18 month old baby? By 18 months old, babies should weigh between 20 and 30.6 lbs. 24 Months Old. By 24 months of age, normal baby weight is 22 to 34.1 lbs. and should represent nearly four times his birth weight.