Are luvs scented?

Are luvs scented?

Pampers is an American brand of baby and toddler products marketed by Procter & Gamble.

. If you need an economical brand they might be a good choice. Luvs are also highly scented, where as Pampers have no odor. Both brands will vary in sizing and fit, but Pampers do have a bigger range of sizes, so they are more likely to fit your growing baby.

Is there a money back guarantee on LUVs? Luvs works great on leaks. In fact, we guarantee it! If you are not satisfied with the leakage performance of Luvs (compared to your current brand), we will refund your money. Check out our Money Back Guarantee section for more details!

How are Pampers and Luvs good for the environment? Purification of the pulp fibers used to make Pampers and Luvs is done to eliminate the impurities which would inhibit our ability to make clean absorbent fibers. By cleaning the fibers in this manner, we can make a better performing product with fewer raw materials, which has clear benefits for the environment.

Is it safe to use Luvs diapers on my Baby? All the ingredients used in Luvs diapers are safe for your baby. Sometimes when diapers are very freshly made you might detect a little of the manufacturing odor. This could also happen if you have stored the diapers someplace where they would be exposed to other odors. Q: These new Luvs diapers are thinner than before.

When do the new Luvs diapers come out? They are at your favorite retailer right now! Between October 2018 and August 2019, Luvs is undergoing an upgrade, starting with the largest sizes (size 5 and 6) to the smaller sizes. By August 2019, stores across the U.S. should be stocked in all sizes!